Full Stack Coding Bootcamp – JavaScript

offered by Developers Institute

ONLINE TRAINING : The live training is the main part of the online coding bootcamp, led by a lead instructor and a teacher assistant. Each concept is taught live and then immediately followed by exercises that allow you to truly assimilate what you’ve just learned.

ONSITE INSTRUCTION & EXERCISES : During both the instruction and practice time, the teacher assistant will be in the classroom at our campus in Tel Aviv, and students can share their learning experience. This means students can ask instructors or each other for help and get the immediate feedback that is critical to learning.

Our Course

What you will learn We teach the skills you need to kick-start your career as a developer and a lifelong learner. From programming fundamentals to launching full-stack web apps, you’ll learn to solve problems with code while applying industry best practices in a collaborative environment. Learn to code and become a web developer with HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and Node.js.

PROGRAMMING FUNDAMENTALS : Understand how to set up your development environment, work efficiently as a developer, and make your projects a success. Learn programming fundamentals, along with the basics of computing, networks, and data structures.

FRONT-END WEB DEVELOPMENT : Before you start working with cutting-edge libraries and frameworks, gain an understanding of how to write solid JavaScript code. Learn to build a dynamic front-end to your web application using a modern JavaScript libraries, and use CSS to layout and style your application.

BACK-END WEB DEVELOPMENT : Integrate your front-end applications with a back-end to store and process data. Learn to use Node.js, the extremely popular JavaScript runtime engine built for the server. Dive into the world of SQL databases, connect your users and build APIs.

Our Exclusive Offer: Unlimited Bootcamps The world of programming is never ending. New technologies are constantly being crafted and you, as a future developer, need to keep up with such advancements. This is why we offer lifetime access to our courses both onsite and online. We call it Unlimited Bootcamp. With this unique value-added benefit, graduates of Developers.Institute have access to our courses for life.

Graduates can return at any time to learn a new technology or refresh their expertise on an existing technology— and in most cases there is no charge whatsoever. It’s a free software upgrade for your knowledge and skills.

Career Guidance

Master new skills and put them to work. All of our immersive graduates receive a career coach, job-readiness training, and direct access to employers and professionals.

– Job & career coaching

– Connection to resources

– Networking opportunities


After completing a course, we offer our graduates help securing an optional 2-month (unpaid) internship, so that you will be able to add real-world experience to your CV. Mindset Classes Throughout the bootcamp, we offer extra-curricular lectures and workshops to help you learn the startup mindset, prepare for job searches, develop entrepreneur thought processes and more. These are all optional, but highly recommended!

Morning or evening course :

Which days : Every day from 9:30am to 1:30pm
How long : 12 weeks – 240H
Syllabus : http://bit.ly/JavascriptFULLTIME