Full Stack Development

offered by CodeClan

Fast-track your career in digital by training as a Web Developer through our 12-week immersive course in Inverness. You’ll learn some of the most widely used technologies and methodologies used by employers across the north of Scotland.

No-one gets dropped into the deep end… well not quite! This part of the course is designed to help you get comfortable with the terminology, concepts and development environment you’ll be using throughout your training. The pre-course is self-guided and completed at your own pace during the two weeks before you kick off on campus.

Programming principles
Time to get stuck in! Taught through the Ruby programming language, this first module is all about getting you familiar with some of the main principles, approaches and methodologies used by web programmers today. These include test-driven development (TDD), object-oriented programming (OOP) and databases (SQL).

Welcome to the programming language of the internet. JavaScript powers many of the sites and services you interact with every day and is one of the key technologies used to develop websites and web applications. This course uses JavaScript as a full-stack language, so you’ll explore its front-end and back-end use. You’ll start by learning pure, ‘vanilla’ JavaScript before tapping into the power of a web framework.

See your code come to life! At CodeClan you’ll learn by making things and building a portfolio of web applications. You’ll put your technical skills into practice using the languages, tools and methodologies learnt throughout the course. Your portfolio will also become a vital tool in your job search, showcasing your skills.