Full Stack Development

offered by CodeOp



CodeOp’s full stack development bootcamp is built to prepare students for careers in the technology industry as entry-level software developers. Students begin the program focused on programming fundamentals, advanced JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms. They learn to develop complete applications using the latest technologies including: Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Scrum and Heroku. The final weeks focus on developing full-stack applications from scratch and career preparation activities.

Students should expect to have gained knowledge of programming fundamentals, advanced JavaScript, data structures, algorithms, how to build full stack applications from scratch using the latest technologies, and what to expect in the job search. They can also expect to have a digital portfolio including 3 showcase projects.

Throughout the bootcamp students have access to meetings with an on-staff career coach. The last week of the course is 100% dedicated to preparing students for the technical interview as well as addressing issues commonly faced by women who work in tech. Specifically:

– Impostor Syndrome
– Business Improvisation
– Negotiating Effectively: Equity and Salary
– Personal Branding

And we provide practical training in:
– Job Search Strategy
– Networking
– Technical Interviewing
– Whiteboarding (virtual and in-person)