Full Stack Flex Bootcamp

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This immersive and rigorous online program, provided in partnership with Thinkful™, teaches students the skills needed to start high-growth careers as web developers. Through 1-on-1 mentorship from a professional engineer, students learn cutting-edge industry standards as they build full-stack web applications. Personal mentorship also provides students invaluable industry knowledge, including first-hand experience following professional engineering workflows.

In addition to technical skill training, students complete comprehensive career services training in order to effectively navigate the increasingly-competitive tech industry. This training includes access to a growing network of exclusive hiring partners to help graduates find a job, guaranteed. This course is designed to take students from beginners to job-ready in 6 months.

During the course, students can expect to learn:

Web Development Fundamentals: During your first month, you’ll master the basics of frontend web development. You’ll learn how to create accessible, SEO-friendly semantic HTML, how to create responsive modern designs using CSS, along with programming fundamentals in JavaScript and basic interactivity with the popular JavaScript library jQuery. At the end of the fundamentals phase, you’ll design and build an original web app, which will go through a formal code review. You’ll present this app during a mock interview with one of our evaluators before moving onto the next phase of the program.

Asynchronous Web Apps: Learn how to request and display data from third party APIs, like YouTube and SoundCloud, in your web apps using AJAX. Continue improving the accessibility of your web apps for various users with aXe and ARIA-live. Establish the workflows you’ll use as professional web developer. Learn the command line, git, and GitHub. Design, wireframe, and implement an MVP (minimum viable product) based on user stories. Iterate your project to incorporate user feedback, and develop a finished product with styling and documentation. You’ll use this process to build your first professional portfolio piece – a client-side web app that integrates with one or more third party APIs.

Server-side Programming With Node.js: Round out your frontend skills with a solid foundation in server-side programming to become a full stack engineer. Build modern RESTful APIs with Mongo, Mongoose, and mLab. You’ll also learn modern JWT-based auth flows and how to test your apps with the Mocha and Chai frameworks on TravisCI, and deploy to Heroku. Complete this phase by designing, building, and presenting an original full stack app.

Advanced Frontend: React Design, build, test, and deploy complex single page apps using React, Redux, React Router, Redux Form, and Redux Thunk. Test your code with Enzyme and deploy to Netlify.