Full-Stack Marketer Professional – VAN

offered by RED Academy



In every encounter or interaction, experience design is a defining element in how a product or service will be perceived by the end user. In digital media, the medium through which users can experience a product is called an “interface”. If the visual components of the interface are designed beautifully, crafted strategically, and meet the needs of the user, the outcome of the experience will be positively impactful and marketable.

With the vast amount information available online and through digital channels, businesses are increasingly relying on digital marketing to stand out and reach consumers. It is no longer enough to build a cool product or service – a well-built brand and a robust digital marketing strategy is critical to getting the next big thing to market and on the radar of consumers around the world.

The Full-Stack Marketer Professional Program is designed for students who want to gain a strong set of skills and understanding in all stages of digital marketing while learning how to use the tools to apply design principles to create highly engaging user interfaces for apps, websites, and marketing campaigns.