Full Stack Product Management Certificate

offered by Product School



A combination of all three courses in our Product Management Training Program.

You will learn product management best practices and tools by building a product using the skills learned throughout the class such as scrum, user testing, prototyping, A/B testing, KPIs definition, etc.

You will learn and become familiar with the most popular front-end coding languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will learn how to create Responsive design websites and how to use Bootstrap. You will learn about back-end web development, Model-View-Controller framework and database configurations to launch your own fully functioning website. You will also understand how to work collaboratively using Github and how to create automated testing for your application. Deploy your own website using Heroku and AWS.

You will understand and use the top web analytics tools used in tech. Get hands on practice using data sets and case studies. Learn SQL and how databases connect and ‘speak’ to each other, enabling the team to make the best data-driven decisions. Let data tell the story through data visualization. Get an introduction to the future! With so much data available, how can we better anticipate future trends? Learn how Big Data and Machine Learning can help predict what will happen next.