Full Stack Web Developer

offered by Coding Experiences

Learn to code in 10 weeks with our hands-on, intensive coding bootcamp . The Full Stack Web Development course is run by our outrageously skilled team and designed to get you hired by awesome companies, or even prepare you to start your own. Learn programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and jQuery, MV Frameworks, Node.js and SQL. Complete multiple projects individually and in teams, developing real product features in real-life environments that are designed to help you learn to code and be job-ready. Throughout the Full Stack Web Development program, you’ll gain indispensable skills in leading by influence, effective communication and problem-solving. Learn to code and transform your future.

Our curriculum was created to simulate a real developer’s job environment. You’ll be exposed to industry-relevant technologies, and then immediately reinforce that knowledge by building applications & completing daily programming projects.

WEEK 1 Git and Frontend.
THE CODER We teach you the coding basics, HTML and CSS become your second mother tongue. Topics: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, UX, SVG, Gulp, Sass, Git

WEEK 2 and 3 JavaScript
THE PROGRAMMER Start with the programming logic. Topics: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, OOP with JavaScript

Programming applications on the server side. Topics: php, mySQL, OOP with php

WEEK 5 Laravel and Agile.
Understand MVC in Laravel. Topics: Laravel, MVC, Agile

WEEK 6 React
THE DEVELOPER Get to the next level with React and API. Topics: React, API, REST, SEO

WEEK 7 Final Project
In this phase you focus on developing your Final Project with an intense help of our mentors and instructors. We focus on writing efficient code that is clearly documented. You learn how to optimise your frontend and backend performance, how data mining works, how to develop a secure app and the principles of testing – by directly implementing the basics into your Final Project.

WEEK 8 Final Project and Demo Day
In your Final Project you go through the full development cycle, from idea stage up to a working MVP (beta version of your app). Through the intense team collaboration you become Git-proficient