Full Stack Web Developer Full Time Bootcamp

offered by Reboot Academy

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The Technology module will provide the students with the skills to professionally design, from scratch, any website they can dream of, following industry best-practices. They will master the same tools teams around the world use. They will learn how to store & retrieve data from databases, add social login functionality, process payments, upload files and many more.

Our design curriculum integrates 2 separate amazing disciplines that will give our alumni a super edge as a developers. User Experience Design (UX) will teach them how to design with empathy for all type of users & identify the best solution for any given problem related to the design of any product or service. User Interface Design (UI) provides all the tools & processes to create beautiful, usable interfaces all users will love.

The business module will give our students the skills to understand, design & improve business models with confidence in whichever company they work for, even if it is their own. They will learn what makes them unique & how to stand out in any organization by delivering low-cost, high-return products. Innovate effectively designing Minimum-Viable-Products (MVP). They will learn how to reach their audience & grow their business with Digital Marketing strategies.

Our health activities will ensure our students they will become their best they can after the bootcamp, There is plenty of evidence and research that sustains the learning-superpowers that one can benefit from by incorporating some form of physical activity every morning throughout the bootcamp. Our Health module is divided into 2 different activities: Movement & Yoga.

Mondays to Fridays from 08.00h to 19.00h
Next bootcamps: May 2020, September 2020