This course starts from the very basics. It assumes that the student does not have any programming experience in the past. Only that they have very good knowledge in using a computer.

It will teach you

A. Front-End Part
A.1. HTML and CSS
A.2. Integrated Development Environments
A.3. Version Control Systems
A.4. Twitter Bootstrap Part A
A.5. Introduction to Programming
A.6. JavaScript
A.7. Twitter Bootstrap Part B
A.8. Sass
A.9. Introduction to Testing with Jasmine
B. Back-end Part
B.1. Relational Database Management Systems
B.2. Programming with Ruby
B.3. Test Driven Development
B.4. Behaviour Driven Development
B.5. Distributed Programming
B.6. Web Development
B.7. Ruby on Rails
B.8. Other Database Management Systems

It is an online course that will require you engagement for about 15 hours per week. When you start you will be assigned a Mentor that will be advising you throughout your whole journey.
You will be taking chapters one after the other. At the end of each chapter you will have to implement a task that your Mentor will evaluate and give you feedback about. Only if your Mentor is happy you will have your pass grade. Hence, you are under continuous evaluation. Your Mentor will make sure that the good becomes perfect.