Full Stack Web Development

offered by SE Factory



The World Wide Web is the backbone of the Internet and the catalyst of the modern information age. While numerous technologies have emerged in recent years, namely mobile and IoT devices, the web remains the undisputed common denominator. Mobile games, marketing, utilities, service apps and many other categories, all rely on a somewhat centralized web based back-end to operate at full capacity.

This course focuses on Full-Stack Web Development. Throughout the 14-weeks we will go through the journey of uncovering the inner workings of the entire stack: from the Operating System layer, going through Web Servers, Server Side programming, Databases, Client Side programming and the browsers all the way up to Amazon Web Services (the Cloud).

You will be working on at least 15 unique projects that are inspired from real-world problems and industry challenges. The final 2 weeks will be reserved to your final project which you will present to a number of companies and special guests who have made it a habit to attend our graduation ceremony to hire the top talent in Beirut!

Trust us with your time, we will grant you a career!

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