Full Stack Web Development

offered by Bellevue



The average salary of a full stack developer in the Seattle area is over $100K, according to Glassdoor. In this course you will learn some of the most highly marketable and in-demand skills. Learn how to build your own web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Node.js, Express, and Mocha.
This 16-week course will cover the following:

The first half of the course will concentrate on front-end development while the second half will center around server-side development.
Build full blown, responsive web applications starting with gaining an understanding of HTML5 elements and styling with CSS3.
Add functionality to your websites with JavaScript and jQuery
Learn the fundamentals of programming
Data structures
Functional programming
DOM manipulation
Learn industry standard tools used for programming
Prep for technical interviews and learn how to think through commonly asked questions
Version control with Git and GitHub
NoSQL databases, TCP and HTTP
Test-Driven Development, Debugging, REST APIs, Heroku