Full Stack Web Development

offered by Coding Bootcamp Praha

The fullstack web development bootcamp is a life-changing experience, are you ready for it?

Coding Bootcamp Praha provides you with a coding family – before, during and after the programme. Our students come from all walks of life and all across the world – our alumni come from more than 30 countries. You will all be learning intensely and going through the same challenges for 12 weeks and leave with friends for life.

How to successfully change careers and become a programmer? The most important is to switch the way you think. The bootcamp empowers you to transition into the software development mindset in three phases – The Coder, The Programmer and The Developer. Thanks to our passionate instructors and mentors you learn how to create fullstack web application in JavaScript and PHP. We teach you step by step how to combine the frontend and backend technologies, from the basics of HTML and CSS through advanced frameworks and libraries, including React and Laravel.

Through project work you learn how to set up the best user interfaces, create secure, robust and scalable applications, store big amounts of data in databases and become a Git master. We carefully selected the hottest tech stack to give you the best advantage for getting a job. But technology is fast-moving and ever-changing, thus our teaching method gets you ready to learn any new language or tool in your future career.