Full-Stack Web Development (Online) Part-Time

offered by Berkeley Boot Camps

Learn to code wherever you are. The full-stack, online boot camp curriculum includes Advanced JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Git/GitHub, Code IDEs, Amazon Web Services (S3), Agile Sprint Planning and more. Through hands-on projects and lessons, students will complete the coding program in 24 weeks over the course of a self-paced learning path. Students receive support from a variety of channels, ensuring they are never alone throughout their boot camp journey, whether online or in-person.

Berkeley’s online coding boot camp gives you the opportunity to “think like a developer.” In addition to learning many of the most in-demand languages and creating your own personal portfolio, you will also partake in an 8-week Agile Team Project that mimics a real-world environment. Students are assigned a piece of the full project (division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment of adaptation of plans) and then finalize the project together with the assistance of an industry leader who has on average 5-7 years of experience as a software engineer. At the end of this online coding program, you will receive a Professional Certificate from Berkeley Extension, helping you stand out to employers