Full-time Full-Stack Web Development

offered by ALPHA Camp

Learn, Think & Work Like Full-stack Developers in 12 Weeks.

What will you learn in 12 weeks?
– Build up your foundation by learning the basics of front-end web technologies, web development roadmap and software development lifecycle.
– Learn the most important interface of Ruby on Rails – CRUD (The basic functions needed to create, read, update and delete data). You will be building a forum and deploying to Heroku.
– Delve deeper into Ruby on Rails and jQuery to create an online e-commerce website. Learn to design Web API (for mobile devices) and setup a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) to deploy your Rails application.
– Learn the technical components needed to build a professional website and find out what constitutes a good team development process. In this two weeks, we will focus on building your Final Project, building the web Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for your team.
– You will form startup teams with your coursemates and work on a simulated startup environment as your final project. On the Demo Day, we’ll be joined by fellow students, the startup community and potential investors to witness your learning progress over the 12 weeks.