Full-time Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

offered by Lambda School

A six-month full-time or one-year part-time online machine learning and artificial intelligence course that’s free until you get a job making at least $50,000/year.

During six months at the Lambda Academy of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you will spend nearly as much time studying computing fundamentals and writing code as you would in most four-year programs. You’ll not only be an excellent machine learning, artificial intelligence, or data science practitioner, but will have a deeper grounding in the fundamentals of computer science, including algorithms, data structures, operating systems, and more.

In short, you’ll learn the practical skills and modern languages required to become a data scientist, but also how to think abstractly and solve problems from first principles.

We’re so convinced you’ll get a job after finishing our course that you can enroll and take the entire course for free. Once you get a job making at least $50,000/year, you’ll pay a percentage of your salary for two years. Check out our website for the details.

Our curriculum covers the following topics and more:
– Statistics
– Linear Algebra
– Regression
– Data Visualization
– Principal Components Analysis
– Neural Networks
– Deep Learning
– Computer Vision
– Clustering & Search
– Natural Language Processing
– Data Collection
– Data Science
– TensorFlow
– Amazon AI Services