Full-time Web Development Immersive Program

offered by Nexul Academy

In this immersive program you will learn and apply all of the necessary coding and team skills in order to start a career in full-stack web development. This program includes all of our web development related courses into one package,
plus team projects and team collaboration exercises.

Web Basics (Html / Css)
Basics structure and style of the web. Learn how to build and design a great looking website and the best tools for the job.

Asp.Net Core Fundamentals
Learn to create an MVC application with Controllers and Razor Views, include data entry forms and sharing view components.

Angular Essentials
Get an introduction to Angular modules, components, services, pipes and more while building a real application.

ASP.Net Core Advanced
This advanced class will build a REST API with OAuth and JWT authentication, compression, caching and integrated with an Angular SPA application.

Angular Advanced
Enhance Angular applications using Ngrx Store, RxJs and optimized architectural patterns.

Sql Server Queries
Create a database, access it with Microsoft’s Entity Framework ORM in your application code.

Deploy Azure, Docker, or Amazon
Publish your application to a cloud hosting environment