Fullstack Javascript Developer

offered by Function Camp

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The Function Camp course teaches you how to make websites, apps and ‘backends’ using some of the latest tech.

The first few months of the course will be spent learning. You’ll be following a mix of videos, reading and completing tasks to confirm your understanding. It can be challenging, but our coaches are on hand to give you guidance along the way.

You’ll learn: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, React, Redux, Sass, HTTP (and APIs). For detailed descriptions see our full curriculum: https://functioncamp.com/curriculum

Next, you’ll get time to practice your skills and go over anything you didn’t quite understand first time round. You’ll work on a couple of projects and we’ll review your code to give you pointers on what you’re doing right, and what you need some help on.

At some point during practice it will become obvious that you’ve got the hang of things – it’s time to start your job search!

We’ve prepared some resources to help you build a killer CV, where to search for jobs and how to interview well. We take job searching seriously because if you don’t succeed we don’t succeed.