Fullstack Web Development

offered by Deep Dive Coding

Introduction and Discovery (Weeks 1-2)
-Discover the components of coding and how the various parts work together to make software and websites run.
-Become familiar with the xAMP stack (PC, Mac or Linux, Apache server, MySQL database, PHP).
-Learn to use a variety of development tools.
-Form teams for your capstone project.
-Settle into your routine of coding all day at the STEMulus Center and on nights and weekends at home.
-Begin building your own websites and apps.

Preparation and Development (Weeks 3-5)
-Reinforce your knowledge base through team and individual projects.
-Design and begin building your team capstone project which will be presented at the end of the bootcamp.
-Start building your personal website project to showcase your skills to potential employers.

Execution and Deployment (Weeks 6-10)
-Immerse yourself in your team capstone project.
-Create clean, functional, and documented code. (That’s exactly what employers are looking for!)
-Build your personal and digital brand.
-Demonstrate your team capstone projects to employers, staffing agencies and others in the tech community.
-Complete your personal website project.
-Complete resume and mock interviews.
-Graduate and find a job or internship, start a web dev company or begin building freelance projects.