Our Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp consists of an intensive full-time training in web application and mobile app development, given by a team composed of experienced developers and teaching assistants. In just 16 weeks, you’ll learn all the programming languages, methodologies and tools you need to be fully autonomous:
Course Outline:

CS and Software Engineering Fundamentals: Writing Data Structures and Algorithms,
Mastering JavaScript: ES5, ES6, Advanced Javascript, Recursive Functions, Async (Promises & Generators)
Client Side Frontend: HTML, CSS, SASS, Responsive, jQuery AJAX, React, Advanced Redux , React Native, MVC Concepts (Backbone, Angular), Routing
Server Side Backend: NodeJS, ExpressJS, API Design, Server Side Rendering, Auth (PassportJS, bcrypt, JWT), SQL, noSQL MongoDB
Deployment Concepts and Technologies: Git, npm, Sublime, Webpack, Grunt / Gulp, Heroku / Amazon Cloud
Application Design and Development: Agile Workflow, Iterative development, Continuous Development, Testing with Mocha, Chai, Jest and Enzyme.
Building Apps: How to structure and build a real world professional application.
Job Search Prep: Developing white-boarding skills, Interview questions and skills, Mental and Communications Skills.