Game Artist Bootcamp

offered by Game Art Institute



In this online program, students don’t won’t have to hunt for information -Ryan Kingslien will guide students through hours of lessons and training from over a dozen different and amazing artists.

During the Bootcamp, you will use the same software and workflow pipeline that AAA game studios use to create your game assets, and should expect to commit 20-30 hours per week towards the Bootcamp.

The class will meet twice a week with other students, Mentors, and Game Art Institute Founder Ryan Kingslien to review new assignments and receive new assessments.

All Bootcamp students will have access to tutorials and lessons from our amazing instructors, including Adam Skutt, Jarad Vincent, Shawnell Priester, Melissa Altobello, Mike Defeo, Brett Briley, Jason Martin, Hossein Diba, Eric Wilson, Steve Lord, Josh Herman, and Melissa Mazzocco. By the end of this course, students can expect to be proficient in skills needed as professional game artists and will have a portfolio to upload to ArtStation

The courses aim to teach students everything from modularity to texturing to lighting and rendering, and students learn to create game art while mastering pipeline and best practices. During the bootcamps, students actively participate in bi-weekly sessions with cohorts and mentors as they progress through milestones of the 3D artist program. By the end of the course, students can expect to develop a full portfolio project under constructive peer review, and receive 6 to 8 months of guidance in evaluating job offers and negotiating terms before job acceptance.