Coder Academy’s GenTech Bootcamp is designed for 17-25 year olds who want an accelerated pathway into technology. Whether you want to go straight into a Junior Developer career, or prefer to get a leg up before starting uni, this course was made with you in mind. Think of GenTech as the younger sibling of our highly successful Fast Track bootcamp.

GenTech could be for you if you…
– have recently left school and want a career in technology, but have missed out on training
– are a great problem solver & high achiever, but need to build confidence in 21st century skills
– want a fast track to a great career or to feeling super confident in STEM at university During our time working with schools, we’ve noticed that students aren’t receiving sufficient coding & stem training. (We’re working on it!) This means students like you aren’t quite prepared for computer science, IT, or engineering degrees straight out of school, which leads to high dropout rates – especially for young women.

GenTech was designed as an intensive year-long coding course to help these students build a foundation to succeed in a stem university degree, or if they prefer, to provide access to fantastic career opportunities as a junior developer.

HANDS-ON, ENGAGING LEARNING: Focus on honing your coding skills in a collaborative and inspiring environment with like-minded classmates.

MEET THE EXPERTS: Foster strong industry relationships through coder academy’s network. With access to contacts from top tier tech companies, students develop meaningful connections with expert educators, mentors, guest speakers, and industry partners.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Australia has a tight-knit developer community for students to get involved in. Set yourself apart by building valuable experience while you learn. Attend industry excursions, local hackathons, and other tech events.

IN-DEMAND TECH SKILLS: Graduate with the most in-demand, industry relevant set of programming skills in two technology stacks – Ruby on Rails & JavaScript MERN stack (Mongo.db, Express, React, and Node.js).

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: Unlike university, colleges, or other bootcamp programs, Coder Academy coordinates a structured one month cadetship in industry. To enhance student learning, a key component of the GenTech program is introducing students to experts from industry and getting them comfortable with what is expected in the workplace. Coder Academy brings in numerous mentors from big tech companies like Atlassian, Gumtree Australia, and Amazon Web Services, and more, as well representatives from startups and agencies. Outside of the classroom, students are encouraged to partake in community tech events like hackathons, Meetups, and excursions.

Unlike most education providers, Coder Academy is passionate about ensuring all of our students gain industry experience during the course of their study. During GenTech, students will partake in a 4-week long cadetship with anywhere between one and four companies in order to build connections, and better understand the demands and opportunities in the workplace. Students are matched with appropriate cadetship providers based on their career aspirations and performance during the bootcamp.