Hack Reactor Remote + Blockchain

offered by Hack Reactor

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing how everyday digital transactions are managed. Think BITCOIN. It’s changing the face of software development and has the potential to disrupt countless industries in the very near future.

Hack Reactor has incorporated Blockchain curriculum exclusively in their online coding bootcamp (Hack Reactor Remote) cohorts to empower our student programmers upfront, on the heels of this emerging technology. This program takes the time-tested curriculum and transformative experience of our campus-based immersive, and makes it accessible to students all across the world.

The program is built by top engineers and is offered in a 12 weeks full-time or 9 months part-time format. By joining Hack Reactor for this course, you can be among the new generation of successful job seekers to master Blockchain and add this competence to your skillset.