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The Midwest Hacker School is a six-month course in Omaha, Nebraska, that aims to help students learn a new career or get ahead in their existing career by working on real projects. Students choose between a variety of “tracks” to become proficient in areas like Systems Administration, Software Development, or Network Security Engineering. Applicants don’t need to have experience in computer programming, but must show drive, passion, and motivation. Midwest Hacker School will provide the structure and direction for students to learn as much as possible. Students learn through in-class lecture, hands-on projects, internet resources, podcasts, and more. Successful graduates of the school will be proficient in vim, Github, Linux, Cloud Services, Bash, Perl, Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Java, Vulnerability and Pentesting. The Midwest Hacker School considers their students part of the family- as such, students have 24 hour lab access, multiple cloud service accounts, Beats headphones, a laptop, and meals. Once the program is finished, Midwest Hacker School works with local recruiters to help students find jobs. In addition, they are open to hiring qualified graduates for their own open positions.