Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course

offered by B9lab Academy

This course is an extensive in-depth journey into blockchain theory, how Hyperledger Fabric works and a lot of hands-on experimentation. The course is designed to get you from 0 to 100 in 8 weeks.

Whether you are interested in getting a head start or you want to switch careers (or you maybe even have an offer already?) this course provides a deep dive into blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. The course consists of videos, texts, screencasts, visualisations and lots of practical exercises. A new batch of content lands at your feet every week. In our experience, you will need at least 8-12 hours a week to keep up. But if you need more time you will have another 12 weeks after the course to catch up and get certified.

If you do get certified, we would also be happy to match you with an interested company wherever we can.

Finally: you do not have to know Go (aka Golang) before you start. We will teach you enough Go so you can write chaincode.