Immersive Full stack | 14 weeks

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Upscale Academy’s Full stack Online Bootcamp is a 14 week program (2 weeks of part-time course and 12 weeks of immersive bootcamp experience) that will provide you all the needed knowledge and skills to become a full stack developer. Our intensive program focuses on three main front-end languages that you will learn: HTML&CSS, Java Script, and one backend stack – Node JS. We are also first coding school to teach MeteorJS, despite its proven excellence and popularity. It offers the fastest way to develop full-stack applications and to export iOS and Android apps. This will allow you start working on your first freelance projects even during the study, so you can start paying off your tuition while mastering your skills.

As an online bootcamp student, you are going to get full access to all the bootcamp materials as they are delivered in the classroom, through live video lectures, live programming sessions with instructors and students from your cohort, pair programming exercises, and office hours mentors support. During the program, you will form a strong portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills to the future employers. You will also get full access to our Career support service. You will be able to participate in live video workshops, mock interviews, get help in polishing your CV, and LinkedIn profiles, get individual consultations from career service coaches.