Intro to Android Development with Java (part-time, evening hours)

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We’ll start you off by teaching you programming fundamentals through a series of challenging practice problems. Then we’ll help you gain an indepth
understanding of object-oriented programming. Once you have a strong grasp of these important topics, you will move on to developing
apps. At the completion of the course, you will have developed a strong skill set with a focus on:

Android architecture
Fundamentals of UI/UX design on Android (including animation, user interaction, buttons, tabs, maps, etc.)
Data: Storing data in the cloud using AWS as well as on the mobile device using SQLite.
Interacting with web services and APIs such as social networks and review sites
creating your own web services using AWS
Using Android device features like camera and GPS
Relatively advanced topics such as security, app performance, asynchronous programming, design patterns, and testing