iOS with SWIFT Techdegree

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The Treehouse iOS Development with Swift Techdegree is a self-paced and intensive online training program which prepares students for an entry-level position as a an iOS Developer. Students learn, Swift, Apple’s language for developing mobile apps for phones and tablets; they also learn how to build and test mobile apps for iOS

Students learn using our unique teaching methodology, which engages learners through video, interactive quizzes code challenges, practice sessions, and 10 hands-on, real-world projects. Students will learn Swift, Object-Oriented Programming, modeling interfaces, error handling, memory management, API design, delegation in iOS, iOS Auto Layout, networking, data persistence, Core Data, Git and GitHub

Over the course of the program, each student will complete a polished portfolio of professional quality projects. These projects require them to apply what they have learned to real world use cases and demonstrate the range of skills they’ve obtained in the program.

Even though this course is online, students are given a lot of support and feedback: a team Slack channel, hosted by Treehouse staff, let students talk to each other, ask for technical assistance, and get help when they’re stuck. We provide online office hours, and small study groups to help students on their learning journey. In addition, each project is personally graded with detailed feedback on the project’s quality, whether it passed, and how it can be improved. Students who pass all projects and an in-depth final exam, graduate with a certificate of completion and have the knowledge and demonstrated ability in the fundamental skills and knowledge of an iOS Developer.