iPhone Development

offered by Gainsville Dev Academy



Gainesville Dev Academy’s iPhone Development class covers everything you need to know to create mobile applications from the ground up.

Technologies covered include iOS and Swift. Graduating students will be familiar with topics ranging from user interface implementation to client-server communication and more.

During the class, students will also learn about important tools and best practices used in modern app development, including git, GitHub, XCode, iOS Simulator, and more.

Understanding of modern mobile development technologies, including version control systems, debuggers, and IDEs
Understanding of core programming principles necessary for mobile application development
Competency in iOS app development and Swift
Understanding of iOS design standards
Understanding of the patterns present in the Cocoa Touch API
Familiarity with common iOS API features such as sensors, gestures, and UI components
Understanding of how mobile development skills are put to use in a modern startup or corporate environment
Completion of a final project that ties together multiple knowledge areas covered in this course into a useable mobile application