Java + Android + Salesforce

offered by Deep Dive Coding



Introduction and Discovery (Weeks 1-3)
-Learn to use a suite of development tools.
-Learn programming concepts through Java syntax and structure.
-Understand and implement fundamental algorithms.
-Learn and apply object-oriented and functional techniques.
-Use the Javadoc tool and code comments to generate API documentation.
-Leverage JUnit to write reliable, verifiable code.
-Implement relational data models in SQL databases and integrate them into your Java code with JDBC.
-Learn the basics of dependency management and build automation with Maven, Ant and Gradle.
-Use Java’s concurrency features to take advantage of multiprocessing environments.
-Learn the basics of Swing and JavaFX to build portable GUI applications.
-Acquire the disciplines and habits of computational thinking and intensive daily coding.
-Exercise and expand your skills through exploratory development of your own projects.
-Form teams for your capstone project.

Extended Platforms and Environments (Weeks 4-6)
-Explore other JVM-hosted languages, including Groovy and Scala.
-Build a mobile app with the Android SDK.
-Use Java Enterprise Edition to build and consume SOAP and REST web services.
-Use Apex to build Salesforce-hosted modules and services.
-Reinforce your practices and knowledge base through team and individual projects.
-Design and begin building your team capstone project.
-Begin implementing your personal development project.

Execution and Deployment (Weeks 7-12)
-Immerse yourself in your team capstone project.
-Create clean, functional, verified and documented code.
-Build out your personal and digital brands.
-Demonstrate your team capstone projects to employers, staffing agencies and others in the tech community.
-Complete your personal development project.
-Complete resume and mock interviews.
-Graduate and find a job or begin working on freelance development projects.