JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp

offered by Barcelona Code School

JavaScript Full-Stack Bootcamp in Barcelona Code School

Become a developer and find a job, start freelancing or building your own apps!

Intensive in-person hands-on training
Zero to hero in 9 weeks
Monday to Friday, 9:30 till 18:30
The course is taught in English
Financing options are available
Take a fast track to the web development world

What you’ll learn

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, MongoDB, React.js, Meteor, React Native, Git, UX basics
How to build fast, modern, dynamic and responsive web apps
Building native mobile apps with React Native
Deployment of your apps for web and mobile
Best web development practices
Programming with JavaScript for front-end, back-end and mobile
React library, used by Facebook and Instagram
Using MongoDB
Using external APIs
Version control with Git and GitHub
Team and pair programming, programming logic, algorithmic approach

The outcomes

You will be able to build full-stack web or mobile apps
Solid understanding of programming logic
Ability to learn any new language or framework
Option to land a developer’s job within one of our hiring partners
Become prepared to launch a freelancer’s career
Understand complete process of planning, building and testing the apps

Tuition: 5800€

10% paid upon registration, the remaining is split in two payments due before course begins.

Early bird registration price: 5300€.

Scholarships: -500€

Students over 40: because we know it’s harder to commit to learning at a certain age and we are willing to help.
Single parents: because it’s a tough job to raise kids alone, keep it up. We are here to support you!
Women in tech: so far 42% of our graduates are women and we want to reach the equality!

How to apply for a scholarship:

After signing up online you will get a student’s form to fill out where you can select the aplicable scholarship. Your final tuition quote would be calculated based on that and you will get links for making the remaining payments.