Javascript Web Engineer – Part Time

offered by Dev League



Part-Time 30 week course
Start: Dec. 9, 2017
End: Jun. 23, 2018
This 30 week program is designed for individuals that are looking to make a career switch into software engineering but can’t quit their day jobs just yet. Students will:
1) Learn a thorough understanding of the various components, protocols, tools and technologies that make up the current web application landscape.
2) Build extensive experience in front-end development including multiple JavaScript frameworks, as well as a thorough understanding of HTML5/CSS3 capabilities.
3) Have a personal GitHub portfolio of functional working applications to showcase their work and acquired skills and progression over the duration of the course.
4) Be prepared for topics and methods utilized in industry tech interview standard processes.
5) Learn to be comfortable working in a team collaboration environment for both effectively communicating ideas and working with group members towards defined goals using industry practices, procedures and tools.
6) Be well versed in best practices and procedures for writing quality web application software in a number of environments and languages common in current web development environments.