JS + React

offered by Epicodus

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Note: Successful completion of Intro to Programming is necessary to enroll for our part-time JavaScript/React course.

Our part-time JavaScript/React course is designed for working professionals and others interested in learning how to code on a part-time basis. Over 20 weeks, students will learn JavaScript and React. During the first eight weeks of the program, you will learn Intermediate JavaScript skills such as how to test your code, working with asynchrony, and making API calls.

During the final twelve weeks of the program, you will learn how to build applications with React and Redux. React is a JavaScript library used to create dynamic, interactive user interfaces. Since its development at Facebook in 2011, it has exploded in popularity. Redux is a state-management library often used with React to handle changes in an application’s data.

After 20 weeks, you will have the skills to explore careers as a front-end developer and to further your own professional development.