Junior Developer Course

offered by Green Fox Academy

The course will use a mentor-based teaching format. Basically, this means that only 10 percent of the classes will be traditional lectures and the rest will be group work, coordinated by mentors. Throughout the training, learning will be based on completing assignments. In the first two months, the group will work on introductory training exercises, while the last two months will be dedicated to sample projects compiled from real projects received from partner companies.
However, your training will not just focus on coding; developing soft skills. such as communication and presentation, collaboration and working in a team. is equally important.

It is important to us that our students find it easy to cope in their future job. This is why there are two full-time dedicated organizational psychology experts among our staff. Students take part in training and coaching sessions throughout the entire course. Every Friday they have individual and team presentations to show the knowledge they acquired during the week to their mentors and partners.