Kickstart Full Stack Program

offered by Kickstart Coding



Truly the most in-demand tech: Python, Django, JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Bash, Git, SQL, whiteboarding, interview coaching, and more.

Filled with portfolio-building projects, the classes benefit a range of experience levels. The classes have an innovative part-time schedule, which can provide the same or better experience you’d get from a “bootcamp”, for less than $5,000.

Kickstart Backend is a rigorous Python class on backend web development and core programming concepts including OOP and MVC. Kickstart Frontend starts right after Backend ends, and it is a cutting-edge crash course on modern JavaScript practices and React JS. For those seeking a career change, it also provides extra time for coaching to help the students become competitive candidate in the Bay Area tech industry. The instructional staff truly cares about you: They combine their coding experience at top companies like Facebook and Salesforce with their lifelong passion for teaching.

The full-stack program consists of 2 sequential 8 week part-time courses: Kickstart Backend and Kickstart Frontend. While they can be taken individually, to learn a full-stack they can be taken seamlessly one after the other, offering a large discount on the second course.

Subjects: CSS, Git, HTML, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Bash, NPM, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Career Coaching, Collaboration, Python, React.js, SQL, Django, Algorithms, Node.js, JavaScript, Data Visualization