Microsoft .NET & C#

offered by Deep Dive Coding

Subjects: , , ,


Introduction and Discovery (Weeks 1-2)
-Learn logical programming concepts and algorithms
-Learn how to use Visual Studio
-Learn how to use GitHub
-Build first MVC website
-Form teams for your capstone project.
-Begin building your own stuff.

Preparation and Development (Weeks 3-7)
-Expand the skills and knowledge around Visual Studio and C#
-Learn Entity Framework, SQL Server, CSS3 and HTML5
-Start developing your individual and team projects

Execution and Deployment (Weeks 7-10)
-Immerse yourself in your individual and team capstone project.
-Create clean, functional, and documented code. (That’s exactly what employers are looking for!)
-Demonstrate your team capstone projects to employers, staffing agencies and others in the tech community.
-Complete your individual website project.
-Complete resume and mock interviews
-Graduate and find a job, start a web dev company, or begin building freelance projects.