Microsoft .NET Developer Bootcamp: C#

offered by Developer Bootcamp

The 5-course Microsoft .NET Developer bootcamp teaches the skills needed to create distributed applications and dynamic web applications with the .NET platform using C#. The program includes optional courses in WPF, WCF, SQL Programming and OOA&D.

Our unique approach combines on-demand streaming with personal facilitation and comprehensive hands-on exercises to assure successful training and competence in the IT workplace. Our support staff provides personal setup assistance, guidance and lab equipment setup for each student. An instructor is assigned to each student to assist in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content. Our classes are designed to be 50% lecture and 50% hands on exercises. Lab exercises are performed via direct high-speed access to a dedicated lab machine, providing responsive interaction and anywhere/anytime accessibility by the lab facilitator as well as the student.

In this bootcamp you will learn how to create robust, scalable applications using C# and Visual Studio. Coverage begins with an introduction to the C# programming language, built in data types, operators, control structures, classes and methods, collections and exception handling. You will develop both Windows and Web-based applications, including in-depth coverage of Microsoft’s MVC programming framework. Advanced topics include the Entity Framework, Web API, creating multithreaded applications, using LINQ to query data and working with object-based collections and generics collections.

Students Will Learn:

– Using Visual Studio to create C# or VB.NET applications
– Working with .NET collections
– Using LINQ to make queries
– Creating desktop-based applications
– Deploying .NET applications
– Accessing and displaying data using ADO.NET
– Creating ASP.NET form-based applications
– Using HTML server controls, Web controls and validation controls on a Web page
– Architecture of ASP.NET MVC web applications
– Using Visual Studio to create Internet and Intranet applications
– Securing and deploying ASP.NET MVC web applications
– Building Responsive Applications Using Bootstrap
– Working with the Entity Framework
– Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET MVC, Web API and AngularJS
– Designing object-oriented applications that use class hierarchies
– Implementing user-defined classes
– Using .NET collections to manage data
– Creating multithreaded applications