Molecular: Part-Time Full Stack Development Bootcamp

offered by Covalence

Covalence’s 6-month Molecular program provides the same time-tested Full Stack curriculum as the Catalyst program, but it is offered at a part-time pace and flexible daily schedule. Students can expect to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES6), ReactJS, Node.js, Express, building and interacting with APIs, MySQL, Agile methodologies, version control with Git, and React Native.

Molecular students receive weekly one-on-one mentoring with an instructor, exclusive features within the student learning portal (that Covalence built), and priority support channels in the Covalence Community. Like their Catalyst counterparts, Molecular students will also have a portfolio of projects ready to show prospective employers at the end of the course, and they’ll also be ready to enter the job market as junior-level Full Stack software developers.