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The .NET framework allows the development and execution of systems and applications. The programmer stops writing code for a specific system or device, and starts writing directly into this framework developed by Microsoft. .NET has evolved widely in recent years, with syntax innovations that make it very different from Java and other competitors. The .NET STARTER Academy is a course that combines a theoretical component with a practical component with a complete curriculum. In addition, it still allows you to have unique opportunities for professional integration in Large Technological Companies that are looking for developers with training in this area.

Curricular plan includes:
1. HTLM5 and CSS3
2. Fundamentals of Programming
3. Introduction to Programming Paradigms
4. Algorithms and Data Structure
5. Databases
6. C #
7. ASP.Net MVC

Methodology (3 x 6 x 9)
It begins with 3 theoretical / practical months in this new technology, followed by 6 months paid and in customer with real technological challenges and a specific program of soft skills. In the last stage you will integrate a 9 month internship where you will develop real projects.

Who can apply?
All those between 18 and 30 years old, minimum qualifications at the level of Bachelor’s degree, good logical and mathematical reasoning, knowledge of English and willingness to learn a new technology!