Next Level Rails

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Are you looking for the next step in your Ruby on Rails development? Are you looking to dive into more advanced topics and techniques? Awesome, let’s build something together in Next Level Rails! Whether you just finished our Code Immersion Course or have been learning the wonder of Rails on your own, this course is a convenient guide to the next level in your web dev skill set.

Next Level Rails is a 4-week program designed to be the next step in your education of Ruby on Rails and web application development. This program is geared towards a junior-level developer who is hungry for more Rails knowledge. You’ll be given a great portfolio building experience, and armed with skills for the next level.

Students will be involved in the entire process of builiding a web application from scratch. They’ll be tasked with organizing, planning, and executing app features which will culminate in a finished product presented at a demo day. This course focuses on giving students real-world experience in a guided, educational setting. Class time will be split into two, giving the students time for both instruction and hands-on work.