Part Time Comprehensive Program

offered by LearningFuze

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Flexible Part-Time Bootcamp Concept
Live instruction with the option to participate in-person and/or remotely. A curriculum designed to make students development and employment ready. The Part-Time Comprehensive program is tailored to students who are looking for a part time alternative to the full immersion program, and is designed to deliver the same content of the full immersion program, but with the needed flexibility to take the program over time, in steps or “modules” based on your schedule.

Additionally, students looking for skills and knowledge in a particular technical area but not necessarily all 5 modules can simply choose to take an individual module of their choice rather than each module sequentially. Simply apply and take the assessment provided to ensure you are ready to get the most out of the instruction. Of course, whether taking an individual module or two or working through all of the modules, the program is all about the practical skills of development by building numerous full scale projects in a work like environment led by seasoned instructors!

Part-time Bootcamp Modules
The program is broken down into 5 different modules of 8 weeks each. Students can choose to focus on front end development (4 relevant modules), back end development (4 relevant modules), or full stack development (all 5 modules). To get the maximum benefit from each module, students are expected to be able to commit between 15 to 20 hours per week, which includes both “home study” and lecture hours. Students can either participate remotely to minimize travel or can come to the facility to participate in-person.