Part Time Software Engineering Immersive

offered by Hack Reactor

The Hack Reactor at Galvanize immersive coding bootcamp is focused on building autonomous, fully capable software engineers. The Remote Part-Time program offers the same curriculum, program and quality as Hack Reactor’s immersive programs, but provides greater flexibility. The first half of the course is often described as “drinking from a firehose” because of how much information it packs in. In the second half, you use your new skills to build projects, while learning new technologies on the fly.

Students will learn the fundamentals of CS, Full Stack JavaScript, Inheritance Patterns, Algorithms, Browser Animation, D3, Angular, API frameworks, CSS frameworks, JS frameworks, Deployment and Authentication, Application Design/Development, and Job Searching skills.
By the end you will be an autonomous engineer, capable of tackling unique, unfamiliar problems and building complex applications.