Part-Time UX Design Bootcamp

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CodeCraft’s unique part-time UX Design bootcamp is 20 weeks long. The first three weeks are an online courses which can be attended from anywhere, and the last 17 weeks are in-person at our campus in Boulder, Colorado. The in-person classes are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-9pm, and on rotating Saturdays from 9am – 5pm.

From innovative new apps to tech giants, businesses of all kinds and sizes need competent UX designers. As a UX designer the goal is to craft amazing experiences for customers, and since UX is so fundamental to the success of any business, these skills are in very high demand!

At CodeCraft School, we believe that UX is the foundation from which you build effective solutions to business problems. Understanding the customer experience will help you and your client make the best decisions for their product or service.

Throughout this intensive 20-week bootcamp, you will learn about the entire UX process from a seasoned industry professional. The program helps you master InVision and be comfortable within Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You’ll learn best practices in all of the following areas: Human-centered-design (UX focused), UI, design thinking, design principles, utilizing research theory, conducting live research, collaborating with peers, concept validation, data analysis, identifying personas, information architecture, wireframing, building tailored prototypes, and web development fundamentals.

As you learn you’ll put your new skills to work on a variety of projects that will expand your knowledge, build experience and create a body of work for your portfolio. You’ll graduate from the bootcamp ready to take on a role as a junior UX professional.

UX design can be viewed as the “human” side of the technology. It’s an ideal career path for anyone who wants to be involved in tech, but not as a pure coder. Some key attributes of a great UX designer are empathy, curiosity, problem solving, and being able to communicate complicated concepts clearly to others.

This program is perfect for individuals who have existing expertise, professional backgrounds, life experience or a degree that can be a foundation for your new UX design skills. User experience is a practice that borrows from and lend to a variety of other disciplines. For example, if you’re an experienced graphic designer struggling to stay relevant in the job market, adding UX design skills makes you extremely attractive to employers because of the way you can leverage your design/aesthetic experience into your UX design projects. This holds true for coding, product design, psychology and more.

At CodeCraft, the instructional team closely monitors every student’s progress each and every day so nobody is left behind. Students who need extra help are guided with one-on-one support by instructors, mentors, and/or teaching assistants. Each cohort is limited to 18-20 students, keeping them much smaller and more personalized than most bootcamps.

CodeCraft bootcamps are designed specifically for accelerated career transformation. During the program we teach skills and software that reflects the needs of employers. Along the way students are connected to industry peers as they work on client-based-projects to build their portfolio. After graduation CodeCraft helps create a strategy for the job search and provides a wealth of information on how to effectively find relevant opportunities that align with our graduates career goals. In addition, they’re always growing the hiring network of employer partners.