Practical Penetration Testing (live-online)

offered by Evolve Security Academy

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This training is 5-weeks of immersive and hands-on training, delivered remotely through live instruction, recorded lectures and lab tutorials. Students will gain the knowledge to deliver a full penetration test, from scoping to reporting, at the network and application layer. Each lab is created based off real world situations encountered by Evolve Security penetration testers. There are no capture the flag exercises, made up scenarios or silly puzzles.

This training is designed for anyone who wants to become a penetration tester or who is interested on how hacker breaches an organization. The training will be challenging but rewarding. The only difference between a junior pen tester and a senior pen tester is experience.

(Topics Covered)
– Approaches to Penetration Testing & Legality
– Scoping & Rules of Engagement
– Threat Modeling
– The Methodology
– Information Gathering / Discovery
– Vulnerability Scanning, Analysis and Its Limitations
– Phishing & Social Engineering
– Web Application and API Testing / Exploitation
– Windows and Linux Environment Testing / Exploitation
– Password Cracking / Brute Force
– Evasion Techniques
– Post Exploitation, Pivoting and Persistence
– Reporting and Remediation

– Practical Penetration Testing Certificate of Completion