Product Management Career Accelerator

offered by Knowledge Officer



Knowledge Officer’s Product Management Career Accelerator is a 6-months program (with a job-guaranteed) that will prepare you for your first job as a product manager or your transition within your current organization to leading product roles. The program will focus on giving you a 360° view of what it takes to be a good product manager and have an impact on your team and company’s success.

The product helps people prepare for jobs in the tech industry with job-guaranteed learning tracks and help companies retain and grow a competitive workforce. Through personalized and career-oriented learning, the product offers true innovation compared to traditional MOOCs and LMSs.

The program will be facilitated by senior product managers from top companies (Amazon, Google, Zalando & more!) who will act as mentors and give candidates true and honest feedback about their progress. You will also work on practical assignments that put you in the shoes of a PM and go through a company’s interview experience to prepare you for your first real interview after the program and pits of strength and weakness.