Professional Blockchain Developer Certification

offered by Studytheblockchain

One-and-a-half month of online classes with a professional Blockchain developer & group work with other developers

Slack group that you share with your classmates during and after the bootcamp

A capstone project where you write your own smart contracts and create a decentralized application (DApp) in groups and present to the Blockchain community

Earn a professional Blockchain developer certificate upon completion

Our curriculum covers the following topics:

Blockchain Fundamentals (technical and non technical) – Our comprehensive pre-work will provide an overview of Bitcoin and Ethereum (proof of work, mining, wallets, transactions), digital ownership (digital keys + addresses + digital signatures), Ethereum’s role in DApps and the basics of cryptography.

Solidity Deep Dive – we’ll thoroughly go over solidity concepts and connecting a web application to a solidity contract. You’ll make your own Tokens – yes! Dive into the CryptoKitties code! And we’ll utilize decentralized storage to make a truly unstoppable forever application owned by no one!

DApp Development – we’ll develop a Decentralized Application (DApp) from start to end together. You’ll explain every line step by step to your classmates in groups so that you understand every single detail of the code!

DApp testing and deployment – there are various ways of deploying a smart contract, and we’ll look at all of them. We’ll also learn to test our smart contracts and optimize them to reduce gas expenditure.

Solidity Smart Contract & DApp Project – you’ll group together with other students and build out a smart contract project and get feedback from your instructor and peers. Your next co-founder could be around the corner. You could be leading the next multi-million dollar ICO.