Python-Based Developer Bootcamp – Evening, Part-Time

offered by Pdx Code Guild

Want to learn programming but work a full-time job during the day? PDX Code Guild offers the same great curriculum as the day bootcamp as a 16-week, part-time evening class that works around your busy schedule!

The Evening Python-based Developer Bootcamp is an intense, hands-on immersive course that combines individual projects, pair-programming, and group study to give you the skills and habits you need to succeed in the growing tech industry.

PDX Code Guild’s Python-focused bootcamp features programs tailored to anyone from aspiring programmers to beginner/intermediate programmers! With small class sizes and individualized instruction, each student is given instruction to match their skill level. The evening bootcamp offers the same great curriculum as the day course but in a part-time, 16-week format.

Over the course of 16 weeks, you will dive into Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, database design, important developer practices like source control, testing, debugging and scrum, and, most importantly, how to THINK like a programmer. Pair programming and group work, as well as personal portfolio projects, help round you out as a developer. We’ll prepare you to get a better job by helping you build your portfolio as well as guiding you on your resume and interviewing skills.

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