Python for Data Science

offered by edX



Data is at the heart of our digital economy and Data Science has been ranked as the hottest profession of the 21st century. This 5 course Data Science with Python Professional Certificate program is aimed at preparing you for a career in Data Science and Machine Learning.
You will start by learning Python, the most popular language for Data Science. You will then develop skills for Data Analysis and Data Visualization and also get a practical introduction in Machine Learning. Finally you will apply and demonstrate your knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning with a Capstone Project involving a real life business problem.
Taught by experts, the focus in this program is on hands-on learning and job readiness. As such you will work with real datasets and will be given no-charge access to tools like Jupyter notebooks in the IBM Cloud. You will utilize popular Python toolkits and libraries such as pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, folium, scipy, scikitlearn, etc.
Start developing data and analytical skills today and launch your career in Data Science, whether you are new to the job market or already in the workforce and looking to upskill yourself. No prior computer programming experience required.

Classroom Hours Per Week: 3.0