Python Foundation Intro Part-Time Course

offered by Byte Academy

With Python Foundation you will learn the fundamentals of Python, the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp grads.* Course meets two evenings per week. No pre-requisites are required. If you want to continue learning, you will have the skillset to begin our Python Fullstack, FinTech or Blockchain bootcamps and will not need to complete the mandatory pre-work. This is provided you pass the final assessment. Also, the Foundation Course cost would apply to tuition.

Sample topics:
– Introduction to Software Engineering in the Python Programming Language including variables, data structures and more
– Fundamentals of Writing Software and System Operation including working in Linux, MacOS or Windows; Git, GitHub and Best Practices
Computer Science including introduction to algorithms and “Big O” notation

There will be project work and a skill assessment at the end. For more course details and syllabus, please see: