Remote Software Engineering Program

offered by Code Belgium



The course is divided into four modules.
1. Pre-Course
A mentor is assigned to prepare students for the course. The pre-course helps students gain fundamental knowledge and gives them an opportunity to review the course material. This is an optional module, however it is recommended if the student does not have a technical background.
2. Learn It All
All the essential topics are covered in this module via classroom-based training. Students learn all the concepts and implement them. Even if they are familiar with all the technologies, they will still learn a lot in this training. It is a compulsory module.
3. Projects
This is an extremely important module of the course. Students build projects out of the concepts that they have learned. They will feel the joy of building applications on their own. This is again a compulsory module.
4. Career Guidance
With a strong foundation, students learn more about starting their careers. Students can expect assistance in LinkedIn profile building, personal branding, CV creation and interview preparations from this section. This is an optional module.