RevaturePro Online

offered by Revature



During RevaturePro Online, students will work on real-world projects based on the technologies of their choosing, and will be connected with a mentor to ensure success. Students will also earn certifications and build their online portfolio.

This course is 100% free to accepted participants, and students that show exceptional ability through the online program will be invited to attend the Revature Bootcamp (which is also 100% free). Plus, successful graduates of the intensive 12-week training will be guaranteed a job with Revature Software Development.

During the course, students will learn the fundamentals of many technologies, including:
MySQL, AngularJS, Front End, JavaScript, iOS, .NET, MongoDB, HTML, NoLang, Git, PHP, C#, Java, R, Python, ASP.NET, Rails, Go, Django, Cocoa, SQL, Sinatra, Xcode, jQuery, Objective-C, Design, Product Management, Hadoop, Ruby, Mobile, Growth Hacking, User Experience Design, CSS, WordPress, Game Development, Android, Node.js, Swift, Express.js, Spark, React.js